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Andrew McNeill

Mr. Andrew McNeill is Principal in charge of McNeill’s activities in Australia. Andrew has over 30 years consulting experience to the government & financial services sectors, and was previously senior consultant for the world's foremost management advisory firm. Prior to establishing the group’s consulting activities in Australia, Andrew also worked in education and journalism.

Marian Smith

Ms. Marian Smith is Principal in charge of private placement and re-engineering. Marian has over 25 years experience in crisis management and project implementation for leading institutional clients. She is also managing director of The Barra Group, providing recruitment, risk management and IT disaster recovery planning. Prior to joining the McNeill group, Marian was joint-MD of one of Australia’s oldest IT consulting firms. Marian is a registered psychologist.

Jamie Donaldson

Mr. Jamie Donaldson is Principal in charge of McNeill’s activities in Hong Kong & China. Jamie has over 20 years experience in China, and has been actively engaged in direct investment, corporate finance, and capital management in Asia for the past 18 years. Prior to establishing McNeill’s operations in Hong Kong, Jamie was director of capital markets for a major NYSE listed financial services group. He earlier managed a large securities brokerage in Hong Kong, after a career in international investment banking. Jamie holds a B.Comm from Canterbury University. He speaks Mandarin and Cantonese.

David Kuan

Mr. David Kuan is Director in charge of business development & investment in China. David has over 15 years experience in joint-venture operation, direct investment & property development in the USA and China. Prior to joining McNeill, David established various technology joint ventures in Asia, and headed the project team of a Chinese property development company. David holds a B.Eng from University of Southern California.

Chen Yuan

Mr. Chen Yuan is Senior Manager in charge of project due diligence in China. Chen has over 15 years experience in senior management and investment in China. Prior to joining McNeill, Chen worked for Shenzhen City Investment Management Co. and was later vice general manager of one of Shenzhen’s largest Import-Export companies. Chen holds a Business Administration degree from Hunan University.

Duncan Lee

Mr. Duncan Lee is Project Manager in charge of statistical analysis and economic modelling. Duncan has over 20 years experience in the IT and logistics industries in Hong Kong. Prior to joining McNeill, Duncan was managing director of a intermodel development operation in China before which he headed the IT department of one of Asia's leading infrastructure operators and developers. Duncan holds a B.Engineering from QIT in Brisbane.