Asset Management 

McNeill offers active management services for real assets, businesses in transition, and development projects.

Assets and Liabilities Management

Asset Management

Engaging McNeill’s professional management team to warehouse, restructure or reposition your asset or business operation without disposing of its value.

McNeill provides active management of real assets and development projects, including project evaluation, selection of operators, and arranging on or off-balance sheet finance. This comprehensive asset management approach may include execution of synthetic guarantees, tax equalization, and return enhancement.

In times of reorganization, integration or transition to new ownership, McNeill has available highly qualified and experienced management, including temporary CFO, CEO or independent directors to sit on the board of companies in transition. Our experience in real estate, infrastructure, financial services, and equity spans over 50 years in Asia-Pacific, and over 30 years in China. Structured management arrangements may be via collective investment schemes, tax defeasance funds or operational contract.
In many situations, McNeill’s multi-dimension management teams are able to transition management of specific assets, while sourcing and training long term management teams.

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