Management Consulting

Over 50 years history of consulting to banking, real estate, infrastructure, manufacturing, service industries, and governments.

Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Established wide network of clients and candidates.

With over 50 years history of consulting to banking, real estate, manufacturing, infrastructure, service industries, and government; McNeill has established a wide network of clients and candidates.


For Asia, the group has a wide focus, including market entry, investment or divestment due diligence, interim management, and turnaround. Experienced and trusted associates based in Singapore, Manila, Melbourne, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur provide on-the-ground support to assignments across South-East Asia.


For Mainland China, associates based in Shanghai and Beijing provide local due diligence, contact tracing and potential partner evaluation for clients. McNeill can also call upon the resources of China Development Institute, a leading State Peoples' Council consulting group, based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province ( ) with which McNeill has a longstanding association.

Europe and the Americas

For assignments or investment targets based in Europe, Australia/New Zealand or North America, McNeill works closely with our affiliated banking and consulting partners based in Geneva, London, Lyon, Auckland, Los Angeles, and Vancouver.

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