Private Banking
For Innovators

Ensuring the wealth created by those with great ideas, stands alongside that of investors who funded it.

Private Banking

Private Banking

Managing the creation of resources for future generations.

Innovators sometimes get caught up in the detail of their business, and fail to protect their own interest in its success.
McNeill works for on behalf of great companies, ensuring fairness and equity for owners and managers, is not lost in pursuit of essential outside funding.

To protect these interests, McNeill, in conjunction with leading private institutions in various jurisdictions, provides confidential client support for wealth banking, fiduciary management, and structured asset protection to protect the value created by owners and management teams.

Through private asset managers in Dubai, Zurich, and Singapore, McNeill provides a range of family office and wealth management services specifically designed for technology innovators, pre-IPO investors, and early stage collaborators.

For information regarding wealth management facilities in Switzerland, Singapore, or the Middle East, please contact: 

Please note:  McNeill and Partners Limited does not provide legal, financial, tax or security advice to individuals or to public listed companies in Hong Kong.  McNeill and Partners Limited does not purport to hold a securities and futures license from the Hong Kong SFC and is not a licensed financial advisor as defined under the SFO.  Private Banking and Private Equity investment in some jurisdictions is restricted by law, and may require proof of income, citizenship, and domicile.

“Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1.”
― Warren Buffet

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